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Mail Our list Changes - Important Please Read

Due to recent changes and happenings in the Internet marketing industry we have decided to make changes to all our sites that will enable us to move forward and have a sustainable business. You can read more about the changes being made at all my sites including why things are changing and what is changing here.

* The affiliate program ended at the end of February but we still have a referral program where you get a better percentage of the sends (credits) that your referrals earn while clicking email links.

* Anyone with $10 of affiliate commissions can cash out now using the cash out link under the account menu. On the 6th March we will reduce that to anyone with $5-$10 and then on the 20th March anyone with under $5. All commissions need to be cashed out before the end of March or they will be exchanged for sends.

* The Standard Membership is the new name for the free level. The only upgrade option going forward is the new Get More level. Anyone already Gold or Silver will continue on that level and get the same rewards as before minus the affiliate program. If you wish to move to the Get More level please send a support ticket.
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